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    Company calls me at 5:08pm for a signing – leaves a voicemail for me to call back. I call back at 5:14pm – assignment filled!!

    As they say on ESPN, “C’Mon Man!!!” – 6 minutes is all I get???




    If you don’t answer the phone, odds are you will not get the job. That’s just the business. BTW, I LOVE c’mon man. That is the best segment in sports!



    I like that part too, Andy – but they seem to be real anemic this year…the segments used to be funny, but they haven’t been as funny this year…to me..

    Anyway…I know I have to answer the phone to get the job – I get that. My problem is if the company is going to keep moving on to the next notary (which I also understand) then don’t leave me a voice message to call back!! Just hang up and keep going. To me, leaving a message to call back for the signing gives me the impression that they want me to do it and want to hear from me. And 6 minutes? Yeesh..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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