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    employ a notary to notarize documents of the business that he/she is working for? If there are any specifics that need brought to light in order to answer this question, then more will be forthcoming if so requested.

    Common sense tells me that this would be a conflict of interest. But common sense also begs that all notaries have some form of formal education, but we all know that is not the truth, especially here in Ohio.

    How can I, as a consumer, identify notarized acts that might not be legal and then report any abuses?

    Ohio seems to be mum on this matter. BTW, I don’t “have it in for notaries”, I just can’t stand unethical behavior that goes unchecked, or businesses marketing their certificates as something to be relied on, because it was notarized by one of their own employees.



    Hi oms1979-Many businesses in the U.S. have one or more of their employees become commissioned Notaries Public to perform duties for clients in their daily business. There is nothing illegal about this.

    However; if the person who notarized your signature is named within the document, the Notary Public should not notarize. Other example’s are a loan officer who has a financial interest in your loan, should not notarize your signature. Any time there could be a conflict of interest, financial/beneficial interest in the document being notarized, the Notary Public should not notarize.

    Employee’s/Notary Public in businesses, normally do not have a financial interest in the document being notarized.

    I am not an attorney and these are strictly my opinions.



    no, it is not illegal… 🙂

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