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    Hi all. I live in PA and I am looking into becoming a notary. I have some questions below.

    As a part time job, is it worth it?
    Is $25,000 E&O enough?
    Do i have to become an NSA to really make money?
    Where would you suggest I look to for getting some outside work at a place where I can get some experience and make money?
    Do i need to order both acknowledgement and jurat forms?
    Where are the best places to advertise my services for free?
    My state offers enotary sign up….is this worth it?




    Please- can someone provide some feedback? Thanks!!!!



    All your questions can be answered and found by going to Go to the Notary Forum and read from back to present. See message #33325 there. Before asking questions there, use the search button to find some answers to your questions.

    Some of your questions, no one can answer, like is it worth it. E&O Insurance will vary depending on who you contract with. As far as gaining experience as a Notary, you can do general notary work for the public. I don’t know how much your State allows you to charge per signature. I’m in California and we are allowed to charge $10 per signature notarized, plus a travel fee. It can be quite lucrative.

    Advertise on all free sites, google, bing, yelp, etc. You will find that people will be more responsive if you do a lot of the research yourself. Keep in mind, all of us NSA’s are in competition with each other and loans are way down because of increase in interest rates. Good luck!



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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