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Pacific Document Services/Paul Gambs

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For those of you who may not read other forums, thought I'd post here - I have no business dealings with them but just want to pass along the word for those with outstanding invoices.

Rumor has it this company is out of business and bankruptcy is on the horizon...good luck to all collecting.

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Linda is correct about Paul Gambs and Pacific Document Service being really bad and possible out of business. His history goes back a few years and a couple of other company names he worked through. I spoke to one lender who stated that she thinks he stiffed about $5000.00 from signers, this is only one company.
My question has got to be why are Signing Companies not regulated at all? most are not even run by a Notary Public. Considering that they are, or should be, listed on the HUD which is a Federal Form I think? EVERYONE else listed is regulated to some degree.

Thank you to all the form posters that try to give others a heads up... before we are face down.

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It really concerns me how unscrupulous this industry has become. We stopped publishing the free list of companies because it was so hard to keep up with and I didn't want to "recommend" bad companies. There are some good companies out there, but they are also bombarded by notaries that want to be on the list and it is often difficult for inexperienced LSAs to get into the regular call list. I have often pondered getting into the Loan Signing business as another division of Maybe it is time to revisit that idea...

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Loan Signing Companies or whatever name they use should be required to at least post a surety bond as I had to with the State!

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Would love it if you opened a National Signing Service. Very few good ones out here any more.

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