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NREIS and Flex Closings

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As most of you may or may not have heard, NREIS has closed their doors (this actually happened a couple few months ago)...

NREIS was one of Flex Closings' biggest clients if not their biggest. When NREIS closed down they never paid Flex any of the money owed. So, as a subsequent result, Flex Closings is now going out of business and possibly filing Bankruptcy.

If you're owed money by Flex Closings, you'll probably get a letter in the mail from their attorneys together with a claim form for filing for your outstanding fees.

I have no personal experience with this - I haven't worked for NREIS in a very long time and never worked for Flex. Just read this on some of the other forums I frequent and wanted to share here.

Good Luck to anyone owed money by either of these companies.