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Keeping an updated profile of yourself is very important for business. When a client is trying to find a Notary for loan signings or general notarizations, they look to see if the Notary is still active. I receive so many calls with the first question being, "Are you still a Notary and taking loan signings"? This becomes very aggravating for the Title companies or Signing Services to keep calling Notaries, only to find out they took a full time job and are no longer active.

It's really simple. Once a month, update your profiles on all websites you advertise on. I have a post it on my calendar to remind me the first of each month to update. (Memory may fail me or I get busy ๐Ÿ˜† )

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Good idea Joan!!

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It's my experience that people don't bother to read profiles. I've had very detailed profiles to very short profiles and I get the same questions no matter which format I use: (1) Are you still a notary? and (2) How much do you charge?