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New Notary in CT

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My employer wanted me to become a Notary to witness signatures on contracts, various documents, etc. I received my certificate yesterday. According to the CT Notary Manual, I just verify who they are with pieces of identification, watch them sign the document and then I sign and stamp it. Do I need to complete a form and attach it or just write in my journal exactly what I did. If there is an official form, where do I get it. Does the journal have them. Please help. Thank you.

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First of all, did you record your certificate at the town clerk's office? You have to take that certificate down to your town clerk, have him/her administer the Oath of Office, and then record it...THEN you can start notarizing.

Second, how did you manage to take the test without knowing this information? I am a former CT notary - I know there's a test involved in the application process. You should know this information before you start any notarizing...below is a link to the CT Notary Public Handbook - I'd strongly suggest you read it through, print it out and keep it with you for reference. You should make a point to know your notary laws and procedures cold before doing any notarizations.

But, to answer briefly yes, you identify the signer. The document should already contain a notarial certificate - if it doesn't you attach a loose one which you can prepare yourself on a computer. You cannot decide which notarial cert to use - that's up to the signer to tell you whether they want to swear to the truth of the statements in the doc or they want to acknowledge having signed it as their free act and deed. Sample forms of acks and jurats are contained in the handbook (link below) for you reference in preparing loose certs.