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how to notarize non collusion affidavit

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I am a little confused on what I need to do here, not sure if I am supposed to sign the top line that says Notary Public and then place my seal on the line below it (not large enough to fit the seal) or if I am supposed to print my name on this line. Thank you for any help!

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Hi Marlena1992.

Are you in California? It helps to know what state you are in.

We don't have enough info to know what you are speaking of. Could you be a little more descriptive? Generally an
Affidavit has Jurat wording on it, but many times we see Acknowledgment wording also. If in California, we cannot
choose the type of notarization they want. Often times, they will have the words, sworn to or acknowledged and then
we know which is needed. If the correct notarial verbiage is not there for your state, attach a loose certificate with
the proper notarial verbiage. Line through the one on the docs, initial and write, "See attached Certificate".

Hope this is what you are speaking of.