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Getting a CRC Notarized in Georgia

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I'm having problems getting my CRC notarized. I was issued a state wide check from the local Sheriff's office, but the document they provided me with is a print-out of the information in the computer. There is no signature spot. They stamped it with a GCIC stamp, but other than that there's nowhere for anyone to sign. I've taken the document to several notaries who refused to notarize it. I also asked the sheriff's office, the local police station, and the courthouse if they could notarize it and they all said no. The process is taking longer than it should. I'm wondering if I should submit fingerprints to the FBI and have them do my check? Will they automatically notarize the document? Also, no one I have talked to in my town even knows what an apostille is, which also doesn't help matters. I know what I need to do to get the apostille, but I need a notarized CRC first if I'm correct.I'm not very familiar with the whole process, so any information or suggestions about what I could do would be very helpful.

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