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Can I legally notarize this document in California?

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My client needs to prove that he is applying for work to avoid being deported, and was told that this letter needs to be certified. I understand I am not a Immigration Specialist but as a common certified California Notary, am I allowed to notarize this letter? Sorry if its a bit hard to read. Thanks for the help.

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As a general rule, the contents of the document do not matter. Every document must have words a signature and notarial wording. It looks like it may be missing notarial wording. The constituent can choose either a jurat or acknowledgment and you can attach or stamp the wording of his choosing.

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First, I would never put someone's document with their name on a public Notary board. Everything us Notaries do is confidential.

Second, we can only certify a Power of Attorney or line items in our journals.

Andy is correct, we are not concerned about the contents of the document, since we notarize signature's. Anyone can write whatever they want and have their signature notarized, as long as they have the proper I.D. and they choose the type of notarization they want. You cannot choose for them.

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@jmalone wrote:

Everything us Notaries do is confidential.

Well, technically... it's not. Our journals are a matter of public record. Access is limited, of course, but there is provision within the law wherein me must provide to any member of the public a copy of a journal entry if they provide the right information. Also, when dealing with publicly recorded documents, our names and seals are there... so again, hardly confidential. But yes... we shouldn't go publishing or disclosing things that we're not required to do by law.

Back to the original post... you notarize SIGNATURES, not documents. The signature can be on just about anything, including a handwritten letter.

It doesn't matter what the content of the document is. It can be in another language... we can notarize a signature on it.

As for the Immigration Specialist thing... that only applies to people who are completing certain immigration paperwork for clients. This is just a letter. You're not completing anything.

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Document has been deleted.

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