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Apstilles and notarized baptismal certificates

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I am missing a marriage cerificate of my grandparents and was advised that the consulate might accept a notarized and apostilled baptismal certificate.I would use my grandfather's and my mother's certificates in lieu of missing granparents marriage certificate.Has anyone ever heard of this.I have every other document that is needed but this one.ALso if I can use them where can I get them notarized.Is it the church that gave them to me or can i get them done here in Florida.the certificates originated in Philly and new jersey.If I do them in Florida,how do I go bout doing it.what do i use as proof to say they are true docs.I have their birth records,will that suffice?also since records are from different states will it be alright to notarized them here and then send them for the apostill?

Please help.

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