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Help with Golden State Customer Service?

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Hi All - Is anyone here a representative for Golden State Notary? I placed an order for supplies a week ago. I received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged immediately. However, nowhere on the receipt, nor anywhere on the ordering website, does it state average order completion times, shipping methods, etc. My email inquiry about manufacturing / shipping times has gone unanswered all week. Furthermore, I have called 888-263-1977 every business day this week, at different times during the day, and have never had a live person answer the phone, no matter which extension I try to ring. I'm starting to worry about fraud, especially since right after this purchase, my credit card was cloned / forged and used to go on a shopping spree in Las Vegas, NV. This is not an could always be coincidental timing, but my concern is mounting about whether I will actually receive any product from this company.

If you work for Golden State Notary, I would appreciate your feedback.

Many Thanks,

A. Saye